“这个页面是没必要存在的,除非添加更多内容,否则这个页面会标记进删除分类。 [[category:删除]]

可以通过使用PageContentSave钩子来解决。 这里是一个简短的例子做一个扩展:

 <?php public static function onPageContentSave( WikiPage &$wikiPage, User &$user, Content &$content, &$summary,

   $isMinor, $isWatch, $section, &$flags,  Status&$status
) {

   // check, if the content model is wikitext to avoid adding wikitext to pages, that doesn't handle wikitext (e.g.
   // some JavaScript/JSON/CSS pages)
   if ( $content->getModel() === CONTENT_MODEL_WIKITEXT ) {
       // check the size of the _new_ content
       if ( $content->getSize() <= 84 ) {
           // getNativeData returns the plain wikitext, which this Content object represent..
           $data = $content->getNativeData();
           // it's possible to simply add/remove/replace wikitext like you want
           $data .= ":This page is unnecessary since it has remained blank since creation Unless more content is added, this page should be marked for deletion.";
           $data .= "";
           // the new wikitext ahs to be saved as a new Content object (Content doesn't support to replace/add content by itself)
           $content = new WikitextContent( $data );
   } else {
       // this could be omitted, but would log a debug message to the debug log, if the page couldn't be checked for a smaller edit as 84 bytes.
       // Maybe you want to add some more info (Title and/or content model of the Content object
       wfDebug( 'Could not check for empty or small remaining size after edit. False content model' );
   return true;



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